Social Skills Groups (Elementary Level)
Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!   

 All students who were in small social skills groups will be receiving a new permission slip this year for the student to continue to attend groups.  We will continue to work on learning skills that will help to navigate both school and home life.

This year in groups we will focus on re-learning the rules of the school, coping with conflicts, and anxiety relief.  We will also continue to be introduced to activities that help students feel better about themselves both physically and emotionally.  These activities include mindfulness, exercise, eating healthy, yoga, music, art, anger managements activities, anxiety relief strategies, and more.   All students will be filling their "tool box" of coping skills this year.  Look for their coping skills toolboxes to come home at the end of the school year :)

September:  Welcome Back, getting to know each other, building communities, learning about consequences (both positive and negative) of the choices we make