Upper Elementary Resource Room
4th & 5th Grade Support

Students receive support in various subjects according to their IEP, Individualized Education Plan. Each child has a specialized plan to meet their needs.
Our classroom includes: Core Students & Support Students.


Core students are students that spend the majority of their day in the special education classroom.  These are students with cognitive impairments or function as a student with a cognitive impairment. 

For more information about curricular goals & objectives for *core* students please see website below: 

Click on the grade and subject to wish to explore.,1607,7-140-22709_28463-162769--,00.html


Support students come to our classroom for support in one or more areas (reading, writing and/or math).  They follow the curriculum (with modifications and/or accommodations) of their general education classroom, see their general education teachers websites for more information about their curriculum.  When in our classroom, we work on their IEP goals and their individual needs.