Barber - 3rd Grade

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Ms. Barber

Third Grade

BS: Eastern Michigan University

Professional Biography

Welcome to my classroom.  My name is Ms. Amy Barber.  I am very fortunate to be working in such a great district and community.  This is my seventeenth year teaching at New Haven Elementary School.

My first year of my career I was the teacher of the "More For Fours" program and the Three and Four Year Old Tuition Preschool.  Then I moved into the Early Childhood Special Education classroom.  My third year of teaching I moved to Kindergarten and stayed there for ten years.  I enjoyed the little ones but, it was time for me to move again.  So, I moved to third grade and have been there since.  This is my fifth year teaching third grade.  This is such a great age!

With respect to my education, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University.  I have a Mathematics major and a minor with a ZA-Endoursement in Early Childhood Education.   

When I am not teaching my two wonderful children keep me very busy.  I have a six year old girl, Amanda and a three year old boy, Kyle.  We love to camp, go for bike rides, and play outside.  For fun we enjoy taking care of our three miniature horses; Minnie, Snip, and Buck.